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  • Casino loyalty program for Pinnacle Entertainment in Las Vegas. Our challenge was to help launch a new player's club card for an existing group of 9 properties spread throughout the country. As the Engineering Manager at SK+G I was brought on to architect the web based framework for an API and multiple sites that would access it, design the system and build a team to develop it. In addition to allowing players to logon to the property in their respective casino, our team also created a persistent hotel room/ golf tee time/ dining reservation/ spa reservation/ and itinerary management system. Our challenge was working with antequated casino management software, multiple 3rd party vendors, and a strict 12 month deadline.
  • A prepress print company in New Jersey needed to salvage a project that had been going on for 9 months and was still nowhere near complete. While handling the Flash communication, database design, back-end administration site, and generally all aspects of data management I worked with a Flash designer to recreate the entire site in under 2 months. The most fun part was working with some people who knew what they wanted, and collaborating with a Flash designer that knows his craft. We accomplished more as a team than we ever could have done individually. UPDATE: The Earth Color web site has been redesigned and the Flash site is not live.
  • Price and order posters online. This weak grid CSS setup was already on the site, and I was asked to clean things up, and complete the functionality without starting from scratch. I mostly worked on Javascript and PHP/ MySQL functionality for pricing out posters, adding them to the cart, and managing the order / distribution process. The most fun part was the real time javascript functionality that prices the poster, and the object-oriented pattern I used to pack the posters into parcels within a shipment.
  • Private application for insurance form review for chiropractors. I picked up where another developer had failed. Medical patient data is boring stuff, but working with an artist is always fun. Plus, I loved the challenge of taking an application that was nowhere near complete from near failure to total success. Together we recreated the entire layout in CSS, making sure I structured things to be reusable on many different templates for viewing the data, and then also worked in PHP, Ajax and MySQL to re-write more than 50% of the existing application while still meeting the Q1 2010 deadline.
  • Pretty much just what the domain name says. This is a personal project of mine - I ended up using Wordpress for this site just so I could get it off the ground. I've since completely customized it. I had fun making a ridiculously busy header that my artist could play with and swap in different themes. CSS, HTML, PHP.
  • A starting point for a clothing company that had no web presence. I had fun making a header that repeats seamlessly, using sprite maps for the nav, and making the various textured backgrounds fill the page from edge to edge. Nothing revolutionary here, but a good clean beginning.
  • App to build out a booth map for a convention floor. Existing Flash application was abandoned by original developer, and Stransky Design saved the day by making the front-end and back-end work as intended. Joel Stransky did the Flash. My primary task was altering the database architecture to allow the Flash app to be more flexible, and to allow the client to create a new map every year.
  • Large roofing company in Las Vegas had no web presence. They really just wanted a status symbol. It was important that people found them in Google, but more important that they looked legit. I built the whole thing, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL and enjoyed setting up blog style pathing to make everything more SEO friendly.
  • A local broadcaster needed a home for his internet radio show about Career counseling. The site is one page, but gives people the links they need, and the information about the shows. The client can edit all of the content himself via XML. I had fun learning a bit about XSLT, allowing the user to do all of his content management in XML, and then duplicating the entire thing for http://www.historyczar.com . HTML, CSS, PHP, XSLT.
  • An art director with 15 years experience finally decided to get an internet presence. He wanted something unique to showcase his work, and somewhere he could update photos. I enjoyed working with the eclectic theme, and setting up the PHP to read from his MSN gallery. This is an example of where my CSS skills were a couple years ago.
  • A Flash game for the Meet The Spartans parody of 300. Joel Stransky did the Flash. Although I did not program the Flash, and I am not an actionscript pro, I can read it and debug it if its not too advanced. This was a great opportunity for Stransky Design to work with Fox and produce a very basic game, that is nonetheless fun to play. This was all about marketing, and we were happy to oblige.
  • A Yo Mama joke viral e-mail app. Again, I did not do the front-end part, but I handled the e-mail template that gets sent out when you choose your avatar and fill in your punchline. PHP, HTML, and making sure the HTML is valid and works in various e-mail clients -- which means tables, but not nested ones, and no background images.
  • The same roofer we did DeanRoofing.com for needed a site for his residential business. The most fun part of this project was working with Joel Stransky to develop the very usable interface, and the Ajax contact form. Joel also created some impressive animations that we designed to explain the importance of insulation / roofing. HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax.
  • Specialty car shop needed a place to show off their stuff. This site is pretty old, and probably needs some upgrades, but it still gets the job done. It was fun to make a unique home page with some motion, and also to create an admin that the client can use to update his gallery. HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax.
  • Another oldie. It lets project managers bid out tasks, but unlike Ebay the highest bid doesn't necessarily win. The system was written using tables and little CSS, and the functionality in all Coldfusion / MS SQL. I show it here because of all of the apps I wrote while working at CCSI, this is the one public link that is still live. The most fun part was working with the SVG converter that converted DWGs or PDFs to a vector format visible on a web page, but unable to be stolen or copied.
  • Custom market research questionnaires. This is another old one, but I had fun working with an artist to really make this site user friendly. All tables, little CSS, and in Coldfusion / MS SQL. The functionality is there, even after they sent this to another firm and let them screw up most of what I'd done.

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I married my wife on April 21, 2012 and we are expecting our first child in the first week of May, 2013. I'm on Twitter @ifbrokenfix. I'm currently reading "Pragmatic Thinking & Learning" by Andy Hunt.
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